Monday, September 14, 2009

The Yard Progresses

Ok so we are finally done with our part of the yard. It is now time to call in the professionals for some help. We did all the stuff for the hardscape, moving the dirt and rocks around and making the base for everything that will be pretty when we are done. I don't have any pictures of the after, but I have some of the before. I would just go out and take some now, but its raining pretty hard and I'm am sick of getting rained on today. So I'll post the after pictures at a later date and tell you what everything is. But we should have the guy here for our water feature and sprinkler system next week. That will be awesome, because then we can plant the grass and start seeing the whole thing come together. But anyway as I said here are the before pictures and I'll get up our current progress pictures as soon as it stops raining.

These are just some shots of our trees that we cut down and sold for firewood. Some of these weeds were seriously 8-9 feet tall. They were beasts. And then we have a mound of dirt in our backyard that became our water feature. So check back for updates.

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