Thursday, June 19, 2008

My Ride to Logan...

Ok so its been a month since my last post, I will try to be better, but here is my one for now. Brandon finally has his motorcycle, a Harley Davidson something or other that is pretty cool. It is the Harley Davidson orange color, with the added accessories of a back rest, windshield, and bag that attaches to the back rest. I have affectionately named the bike Dave. So we took our first long trip on Dave up to Logan to go to my friends wedding. Stephan and Jo were married in the Logan Temple on Wednesday and it was awesome. The ride there from Ogden was a little cold because the morning was just starting to warm up when we started, but it was kind of cool. The wind on my arms and face and blowing the little tuff of hair sticking out underneath the helmet. It was a different perspective to say the least. My bum was numb by the time we got there, but the canyon was beautiful to look at.

After the ceremony and some pictures we headed back to American Fork. We stopped off in Perry for my introduction to Maddox, one of the best ranch cooking restaurants that I've been to. I enjoyed the rolls the most. Back on Dave and we were on the freeway. This is a very interesting experience. Driving at freeway speeds with only a helmet to protect my head. I could have reached out my hand and touched the cars next to us. Very interesting feeling. It was good none the less. I was happy to be back in Hottie when we reached Centerville, where I had music and UV protection. My arms have a nice farmers tan on them now. Love it! I guess that's all I have to say about my ride on Dave. I told Brandon that I would only do a cross country trip if we could stop every hour and let me walk around to de-numb my legs and bum, oh and I definitely would need my ipod to keep me entertained. That's all for now. Post again soon.