Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Good Bye Teal Car You Will Be Missed

So I finally said goodbye to my faithful teal '99 Toyota Corolla. He had 185000 happy memory miles on him. I will miss him... a moment of silence please.........
Ok now on to my new (well new to me) 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid... He is a dark blue/gray color on the exterior. And 3 toned interior, tan/grey/blue. The pictures I posted are off of Edmunds because I didn't want to take pictures of my car because its all dirty from the salt and snow. But it looks just like the pictures with a few minor scraps on the paint. But I love this car, it has Navigation, granted the map is from 2006 so my house doesn't exactly show up on the map, but it works for now. If anyone has an updated map version they would like to let me have, let me know. But I love it, it runs amazing and I am currently getting 45mpg for this tank of gas. I plan on trying to get closer to 50 as I learn to adjust my driving style for the hybrid. But I just thought I would tell you the exciting things in my life.