Friday, May 23, 2008

A New Skill

So I have a new skill to add to my resume. I can now build a computer. Pretty cool, huh? I can take a case, put in the motherboard, put in the CPU, disk drive, hard drive, and connect all the wires to the right spots, well most of the time. :) The reason I learned this new skill?...Brandon has 25 computers to build for the Harley job he is working on. I built them and he installed the software. We had a pretty efficient team going, and we had them all built within a week. Pretty cool if I do say so myself. I'll keep you updated with any new skills that I learn during my new married life...

Monday, May 5, 2008

Finally what you've all been waiting for...

A new blog!!!
Ok so I haven't been the best at keeping up this blog, but you know life gets kind of crazy when you rearrange your life for the guy you love. I am now done with moving, wedding, and honeymoon. So what should I talk about first... I don't have any pictures from the wedding as of yet, but I do have some honeymoon, so I guess that would be a good place to start today.
After the wedding Brandon and I went on a awesome 7 day cruise to Mexico. But before we go there we have a day stop in California. We decided it would be fun to head down to San Diego since we had a day before we headed out to sea, so we took a drive from LA down the coast to Sea World. I took Brandon to all the fun shows that this park had to offer, because he had never gone to the shows. I wonder what he did at Sea World if he didn't see the shows???? Weird, any who we remedied the problem and had a wet ride on Journey to Atlantis the best and only ride there, that's really worth going on. But after that we drove back to our hotel and went to dinner. There just so happened to be a Mideviel Times right next door. So we went. It was awesome, we were the blue knight guy, who I thought might actually win and then the yellow knight guy killed him, that sucked. Than we booed the evil guy and cheered when the good guy won, all was well. It was really awesome food, great service, and a fantastic show. I totally recommend it, wow I should sell advertising for these people. Any way on to the cruise...

We had 1 Fun Day at Sea and 1 Sea Day of Fun before stopping at our first Port; Peurta Vallarta. We woke up early and walked ALOT we decided to walk into town (only 4 miles) and when we got there we decided to walk up the street which turned into a mountain, but hey we saw some real life Mexican dwellings. We got up to the top and decided to go back down, awesome morning. We then found some guy that offered us a free taxi ride to the other side of the island and back, free lunch, and discounted para sailing. Sounded good to us. We get to this amazing resort where they proceeded to try and sell us a time share. Hello! We just got married and we are trying to build a house, do you really think we have the money to buy a time share? I think not. So we turned them down, they were upset and sent us on our way to go para sailing. Which was awesome! Brandon went first and I watch him go thinking "What am I doing? This is too crazy." But we had already paid and I didn't want to whimp out. So when Brandon got back it was my turn. It was a lot easier than I thought. It was just run and sit and you were up. Then you are about 200 ft in the air and you can see everything, it was awesome I wish I could have taken the camera, but we do have some photos from the ground. By the time we were done we were tired and ready to go back to the ship. We were starving and our feet hurt from walking so we went to the dining room to have an amazing dinner served by Jamie and Renato our awesome waiters.

Next stop Mazatlan...We arrived at what appeared to be a place were old cargo containers were dropped off to die, but they put us on a little shuttle thing and we were surrounded by taxi drivers, tour guides, and who knows what else in no time. We decided to take one of the taxi driver's up on their offer and had him take us to where the "good shopping" was. He dropped us off in the grungiest part of town. I can now say I have been to a "real" Mexican market. Needless to say after walking around for a bit and me getting a little more uneasy by the minute hopped in another cab and had him take us to "The Golden Zone" this is the place we wanted to go in the first place, we should have been more specific. We get there and find these great little Mexican shops and find a bunch of stuff that we want to buy and take home. We found a chess set hand made out of marble that was just too good to pass up. He gave us the "K-Mart" special so we had him pack it up. Then we wanted some lunch and we had a coupon to the restaurant called Senior Frogs. We had passed it on the way so we decided to walk back to it. Turns out to be a very far walk with a very heavy marble chess set. Finally we got there, CRAZY!!! There were guys walking around with Tequila in gun holsters shooting it down people's throats. We politely refused and they called us chickens, but we got some cool balloon hats and free chips and salsa. Than we finished shopping and headed back to the ship.

Final stop and personal favorite, Cabo San Lucas. It was so beautiful, I've never seen water this blue. We couldn't pull into the docks, so the brought boats to shuttle us in to the port. This place definitely has money, everything looked new and clean and awesome. We walked through town and finally around to the beach because we wanted to go snorkeling. I have never seen sand like this before either. You know the color you picture when you think of sand, well this sand was actually that color. A gorgeous tan/yellow color with the water it was an amazing site. After was seemed like forever walking on the beach we found snorkeling. We get taken out to this island and dropped off for an hour and a half and get our snorkeling equipment and hop in the ocean. FYI salt water is nasty stuff. I was doing pretty ok with this snorkeling thing, but Brandon was having problems. His goggles kept filling up with water, so after a bit of seeing the fishes, I trade goggles with him and we decide to swim back to the spot with our clothes and stuff, along the way I keep feeling sharp little stings on my arms and legs so I just haul to the beach as fast as I can and get out to find little jelly fish stings all over. They went away within a few hours but they weren't fun. Brandon had some too, some of his were worse and I felt bad that he'd been stung. I don't think snorkeling was the funnest experience for him. Than we got back to were the shuttle boats were and finished up some shopping and went back to the boat. It was awesome!
Our final day at sea was just that, we had definitely run out of things to do and all we could do was walk around the ship. We decided to have a couple of virgin drinks and play some cards. That was fun, but all and all an uneventful day. I think we were ready to go home. We had an awesome trip thanks to our awesome waiters and our cabin steward who made us a towel animal each night, thanks Gilbert! I guess that sums up this trip. I don't think I left anything exciting out, but if I did I'm sorry. To be told at a later date I guess. I hope to post again soon. I have no idea what it will be about but I'll try.