Friday, May 22, 2009

My Babies

As I sit here on a Friday night, my husband playing with his "home projects" and wondering what I am going to do with myself, I decided I had two options; help him or write on my blog. Obviously the later won out, cause here I am. I don't know what to really write about because we haven't done much exciting except work for the past couple of weeks. So I decided to write about my babies. As most of you should know I don't have actual human babies yet, but I decided that my dog and cat were close enough. And I'm bored so bare with me while I procrastinate actually going and helping Brandon finish "projects."

So lets start with the oldest shall we?? Mia, she's our dog for those who don't know. She will be 9 years old this July. She was the puppy of my family dog Trixie. She was born under the couch while I was at work one evening. My grandma was none too happy to find our dog giving birth on her carpet. I immediately fell in love with the little brown and white spotted puppy. She was just too cute, she fit right in the palm of my hand. Long story short I convinced my grandma to let me keep her. Mia is a very anti-social dog for whatever reason, but she is your best friend as long as you have food and play with her and her toy. She'll eat almost anything. Most recently we have discovered that she enjoys grapes, carrots, and lettuce. She loves playing with her squeaky toy with currently has a broken squeaker, but she doesn't seem to mind. She also has many talents such as; playing dead, rolling over, shaking hands, begging, and my personal favorite "who's a snob." She also enjoys "playing" with our other baby, Roxy.

Mia loves her Hippo

"Who's a Snob?"
Now Roxy is our cat. She is currently 3 years old. She doesn't like doing much of anything but laying around the house, oh and playing with the feather toy that we bought her. She plays fetch better than Mia. She dislikes the dog immensly, probably because Mia tried to eat her when we first brought her home. But they do seem to tolerate each other for the most part. She hates to cuddle and if she is to be pet, it is on her terms. I've had a hard time convincing her when we moved to our new house that its ok to not hide under the chair all day long, that she won't get locked in the basement, and that eating is a good thing. But I think she's finally getting it after 2 months of living here.

Roxy, the Great Escape Artist

She is ready for her close up!

I'm sure this was a very exciting blog for most, but it gave me a reason not to work on the stupid low voltage panel in the basement. But I guess that's all I really have to say about that. Check back next time for a hopefully more exciting story.