Tuesday, February 24, 2009

More House Stuff

Ok, so I haven't taken many pictures of the house lately, but it is still coming along. We actually have texture on the walls now and we are going to start painting this week. The finish carpentry guy is coming in this week as well. So its going to be way fun. The cabinets should be in next week, and then they come to measure a template for the countertops. We are also currently having our tile layed. I don't have pics of that yet, but I promise I will get some when he is all done laying. He is also going to start on the tub and shower surrounds and doing the wall around the fireplace. I love seeing color in the house. I am getting really sick of white. We are also getting the stucco on the outside of the house. They finished the brick last week, and put up the garage doors as well. So its coming along, we are slowly doing what we can to finish up the electrical and all of our fancy low voltage stuff. I will take some pics tomorrow and add them to this post. But here are what I have so far.

The Master Bedroom
Our Fireplace

The Kitchen

The Brick

Friday, February 6, 2009

Update on House

Hi All!! Sorry its been a couple weeks since I updated. I've been doing the wiring in my house over the past couple of weeks. But it is finally done. The roof is almost done and they are putting up the drywall as I type. I realized that I didn't tell you were I was building in my last post. We are building in Lehi, a Patterson Construction Subdivision called Willow Brook. Its just off Main Street and 1700 West in Lehi. Its awesome we are the only house on our street right now. Anyway as I was saying we finished up the wiring in our house today. I think it may be the most wired house for its size in the state of Utah. I have never seen so much wire in one place. We have places (4 I think) for Plasma TVs on the walls for our pictures. They will be hooked to computers so that we can just have a slide show going on. We have our multi-room sound system that also links outside to our covered deck. This sound system is also hooked into the security so that when the door bell rings the camera by the front door will turn on and show who is at the door on every color keypad in the house. There are 4 keypads in the house. I can also put a camera in one of the bedrooms so that when we have a baby I can check in on baby from anywhere in the house. I think that rocks. Anyway I guess that is all the updates for now. I'll take pictures as they sheet rock and get some more stuff done and post. Hope to hear from you all soon.