Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I hate the snow!!

Hi Everyone!

This is my first blog ever and I think its going to be kind of fun, don't you? Anyway I am here at work and just decided to start a blog. I think it is a good way to keep in touch with friends that are far away (Coley) and for anyone else to be updated with my life.

Today has been a very boring day! I have had barely anything to keep me occupied. I have sat here trying to decide what I am going to do tonight. I have much to accomplish before my wedding in 3 months and little time to do it. I still have to put deposits down on everything! I have to leave work early today to go down and put the deposit down on my reception center before I lose my date. I still haven't found a bridesmaid dress that my sister approves of or anything else for that matter. I found my videographer and I still need to pay him the deposit, which (get this) is more than the deposit for my reception center. Dumb! I still need to pick out my flowers, cake, invitations, his ring, and figure out how I'm going to do my hair. Ahhh, maybe I will just elope. That sounds like the cheaper and less stressful route.